Grand Junction History by Kathy Jordan
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Kathy Jordan retired from The Daily Sentinel in 2004 after 32 years. In May of 2008 Laurena Davis, managing editor at the Sentinel, asked her if I would be interested in writing a history column for the paper since she had become interested in area history and was a member of several historical groups.

On one hand, she said later, she wasn’t sure that I wanted to commit to some form of work. Then something chimed in and she realized what a great opportunity to share the history of our area.

As a board member of Friends of The Grand Junction Depot and the Grand Junction Historic Preservation Board, she had learned the value of history - after all, if you don’t share it, it is soon forgotten. Because of the research done by a friend of hers, Marie Tipping, and her husband, Teddy Jordan, she could write these columns to share.

Kathy passed away unexpectedly May 1, 2013. Her husband and friends have brought this archive together to share on Kathy's web site to enjoy and perhaps learn a bit about Mesa County and Western Colorado.

Early day Grand Valley school resisted consolidation

Art Center started with fund drives in the 1950s

Botanical Gardens started with dedicated group in the mid ‘80s

Cheney Reservoir, planned since 1887, a birdwatching oasis

Charlie Glass was a dandy cowpuncher - Part 1

Grazing disputes go to lethal extremes for sheepmen, ranchers - Part 2

Rumors murmured after fatal accident of cowboy Charlie Glass - Part 3

Food, drink among things once available in Cisco - Part 1

'Uranium King' Charlie Steen started out in Cisco tarpaper shack - Part 2

Depot open for National Train Day

Residents had ‘foresight’ to save downtown in the era of strip malls

Green River Friendship Cruise a 50-plus year tradition

Fruita Museum building embedded in with fossils

Land grab may have been mistake, or claim jumping

Odds and Ends

Midcentury doctors founded walk-in clinic post-hospital care

Digging proves Pabor’s 1883 Seventh Street home still standing

Fruita first to get safe drinking water

Petty disputes led to Plateau City on Grand Mesa

Unearthed headstone leads columnist on trail of history mystery

Quonset huts first housed WWII soldiers, then civilians

Lincoln Park campground drew auto travelers in ‘20s, ‘30s

1972 nuclear tests on Glade Park shook up earth, residents

Historic GJ chapel due for improvements after listing

Handy Chapel to get a hand from HistoriCorps volunteers

Pioneer black church needs donations for matching grant

West Valley Horsethief Ranch nearly self sufficient in1890s - Part 1

Life at Horsethief Canyon Ranch had its difficult times -
Part 2

Little Italy a lively place in southwest downtown  Part I

Italian mason was an Artist with local stone - Part 2

Shade trees were a priority for Junction town founder

1930s-era Grand Junction boasted four movie theaters - Part 1

Air conditioning at Movies worth admission - Part 2

Whitewater was a green oasis in late 1800s

Wild West settlers still wanted their opera, theater

World Class Talent Graced Stage
Fleming Glenwood’s Hotel Colorado hosted presidents, celebrities and gangsters
Presbyterian Church plagued by fires over the years Little Italy filled with the aroma of baking bread

Calamity Camp at historical epicenter of uranium mining

What’s in a name? Curious town titles explained
Neither press problems nor fire stopped Sentinel since 1893

Clifton Christian Church

May/December romance, mysterious death raises suspicion - Part 1

Love triangle murder trial was standing room only - Part 2
More to Meeker Massacre than historical stereotypes
Post offices historically nucleus of town’s communication World-class talent graced GJ stage in 1892 opera house
Fence-hopping WWII soldiers danced the night away at YMCA Grand Junction Eagles semi-pro baseball team a big hit
Notion of tunnel under Divide predates reality by 100-plus years - Part 1

Eisenhower Tunnel a moving target during construction - Part 2
Deadly confrontation in Utah took place shortly before GJ incorporated
‘Fotografer’ Frank Dean preserved images of early Grand Junction life

Parks Receive Preservation Awards

Ross Cemetery

Early GJ settler, born a slave, was noted orchardist - Part 1

Separate hotel rooms, racial stereotypes faint mid-century GJ past - Part 2

Hines family goes back eight generations in Grand Junction - Part 3
David Sundal was devoted to keeping GJ history alive Grand Junction’s earliest known veteran laid to rest on Presidents Day
Female engineer broke tunnel taboo in 1972 Cross-country cyclists got the royal treatment
Buffalo Bill and his Wild West show rolled into town in 1908

Ex-showgirl built crazy collection of rental cabins

Engineering marvel San Miguel and Dolores Rivers Canyon Hanging Flume to be reconstructed Deadly confrontation in Utah took place shortly before GJ incorporated
Artillery exploded for four hours in 1943 rail car mishap  
Handy Chapel Petty disputes led to Plateau City on Grand Mesa
Sugar Beet Factory S&M Supply
Ex-showgirl built crazy collection of rental cabins Perry's Auction
Fall Creek Ranch Gordon Ferry and Toll Road
Rock Wood Lumber Camp Hines family goes back eight generations in Grand Junction
Grand Junction’s earliest known veteran laid to rest on Presidents Day Carpenter
The Valley Curtain by Christo St. Regis Fire Stirs Memories
Female engineer broke tunnel taboo in 1972 LaCourt Had Shining Moments - Part 1
LaCourt - Part 2
Cross-country cyclists got the royal treatment Grand Junction Elks Lodge
Los Colonias' Agriculture Roots Early Day Cemeteries Proved Profitable
First Methodist Episcopal Church Bill Robinson's Legacy
Present-Day Cameo No Reflection of Past Era Drapela Flying School - Part 1

Drapela Flying School - Part 2
I-70 Roller Dam Unique to U.S. Lincoln Park Light Caper Goes Unsolved
Did Wild Bunch rob parachute train or were authorities fooled? Ice Houses Harken Back to Early Transportation Needs
Rare Tornado Causes Little Damage, Makes History Sunny Knoll Hosted Horse Elite
Dance Hall Catered to Families Pioneer Fashioned Home from Glade Park Cave
Walker Field Tower was Only “Skyscraper” for Many Years Walker Field Built for Class
Trumbo Favorite Son…or Parriah? Christmas
GJ’s First Newspaper Treasure Trove of Bits and Pieces Canning Factory One of Area’s Largest Employers
Lawless Tent Town Made Success of Emma’s Saloon Fairmount Community had own Town Hall
Fruita Ruins Reminder of Quaker Garmesa Settlement OM Cemetery Centerpiece of Remembrance
Why and how towns, streets and formations got their names Veteran’s Hospital - Proud Legacy of Service
Potter's Field John Otto’s Marriage Ill-Fated for Reclusive Pioneer
Murder or Suicide? Mystery Remains a Haunting Question Moyer Was Noted Builder, Philanthropist –
a Rags to Riches to Rags Story
Lumsden Made His Mark in Early Construction in GJ Lucy Ela Shined as Birder, Local Activist
“Pretty Good Place to Live” Made Better thru the Decades Cattlewoman was Respected in Rugged Utah
Christmas Fairy Made Holidays Happy for Depression Children Ups and Downs, Battlement Mesa has Earned Name



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